「JADY / 玉肌」




Romantic, slip-free 「JADY」, Indulging in abandon, instantly entranced. "Beauty" does not reside within objects, but in perception.

In ancient times, "LING" defined superior silk, Today, it's an interplay of silkiness and sensuality. Object and experience, reason and sensibility, LING's 「HEART」 leans towards the latter. Desire and restraint, mind and senses, LING's 「BEAUTY」 coexists here. Interpret sensuality with a heart of beauty, Reshape experience through the form of the object.

High-density knitted 「JADY」lubricating composite fabric. Gently smooth, velvety, and fine. "Uncontrollable sensations from deep within." 「JADY」fabric, Beyond imagination, unforgettable to the touch.

Smooth, translucent, and luminous. 624-knitting Crystal Sheer™. Enhanced with LYCRA® elastane, Highly elastic and flexible, stretches playfully. Advocating a fabric philosophy of experientialism, Giving voice to texture.

Radiant skin, clear and silky. Like naturally born skin, soft and glossy. Seamless crotch design, comfortable and accommodating, never sagging. "Painting curves with shimmering light."

Elegant white tea fragrance. Floral and woody scent, warm and enchanting. 'When body and mind are surrounded by softness'.

'Golden Sand' color, metallic texture waistband. 'Every time you open it, it's an experiential feast.

  • Ultra-Thin 3D
  • Water-like Freshness and Smoothness
  • Sheer toe
  • Seamless Open-Crotch Pantyhose
  • 50% Nylon, 50% Spandex
  • Size: 155cm-175cm, 5'1" ft - 6" ft

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