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ling lIngerie

In ancient times, not all silk could be called “ling”

In present days, there is only one kind of stockings that can be called “ling”

We used to go to different countries

Trying to find the so-called unbreakable stockings, only to find out that it was a false concept

Like other scams, it is challenging people’s understanding towards the product

As a result, we went back to the starting point and thought about what stockings are supposed to look like.

Delicate, silky, thin, soft and flattering -- 

This is what a pair of stockings is defined to be

Thus “ling” was born

Ling, a pair of actual “silk” stockings


our aesthetucs

The ultimate sensual experience

Ling always believes that "beauty" is not just about visual and auditory pleasure. From different senses, silkiness is the beauty of touch, and aroma is the beauty of the sense of smell.

Ling is the first hosiery brand in the world to focus on silky touch and to incorporate luxury fragrance.

From the design of product and packaging to unboxing and wearing experience, Ling always adheres to the concept of "beauty".

As a result, apart from being the finishing touch to daily office looks, Ling also completes the wardrobe of young women with fashionable design and ultimate sensuality. Ling also has presence at gift-giving events and as a symbol of love, for the shared pleasure of both.

we care

The ultimate self-love

The concept of “self-love” has been overly commercialized, which prohibits many from exploring the more in-depth meaning. Self-love is more than sensory pleasures. The complexity of human nature determines that we want to protect our own interest as well as that of other people, especially those that we care about, and we can gain a strong sense of satisfaction from our altruistic deeds – isn’t this self-love at a higher level?

The product value of Ling is integrated systematically into the unboxing experience, choice of material, design, and user-friendliness. From “feelings” to “emotions”, the “aesthetics of experience” of Ling can be conveyed to the users in multiple dimensions. 

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