「INGENUE / 素 」




The first ultra-thin velvet collection  Officially launched! 

Creative ultra-thin velvet material - Soft, elastic, breathable. Lingering on the skin as if light kisses. A silky feeling that dissolves in the air; A desire for closeness and intimacy. A gift from Ling

The Beauty of Ingenuousness

Matte suede material, with the ultimate concealing and beautifying effect. Heavy powders and excessive make-up are incomparable to a natural look. A beautiful woman is like snow, whose skin is the color of jade. Her skin is smooth like butter with elegant fragrance. Just a glance and you'll be fascinated. Heavy powders are incomparable to the beauty of ingenuousness. With ultimate intimacy and closeness.

The ultimate ingenuousness, intimacy and closeness. The ultra-thin velvet material with matte suede texture beautifies the skin and conceals any imperfection, as if a silky feeling that dissolves in the air, lingering on the skin like light kisses, in desire for more closeness and intimacy.

  • 1 denier
  • Delicate texture
  • beautifying skin tone
  • tighter, softer, better fit with elegant leg shapes
  • 59% Nylon, 41% Spandex
  • Size M: 155cm-175cm, Size L: 165cm-185cm
  • Size M: 5'1" ft - 5'7" ft, Size L: 5'4" ft - 6'1" ft

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